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Daily Dose Juice Therapy

Daily Dose Juice Therapy utilizes therapeutic and medicinal plants in our beverages. Guided by Ayurvedic nutritional principles, The Gerson Institute protocols and raw food methods, our juice directly increases your body's ability to function optimally. Scientific research indicates extensive therapeutic benefits of juice for digestion, cancers, autoimmune diseases, infections and mental health. One 16 oz serving of carrot juice equals one full pound of carrots, that’s a mega-dose of  vitamins and minerals!

Come in or order online we can set you up with a therapeutic package that fits with your health food goals. 

Our Juices

Alkaline Aids

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4 products


We created the Shots to ensure pleasurable flavors and balanced therapeutic effects. We have Shots for sports/athletic recovery, bone marrow and tissue regeneration, immune boosting and anti-inflammatory qualities. We also have formulates specific for colds and flus and healing the intestinal tract from ulcers, bloating and constipation.


Simple yet highly nutritious, these juices are great alone or in combination with one of our shots. Ayurvedic tradition encourages the use of specific foods for their therapeutic effects which is when you may want to utilize a simple juice. The Simples are a way to specifically target health goals. For example beets have a more warming building quality whereas celery has a cooling and releasing quality. Try them separately or together in a salad bowl.

Alkaline Aids

The Pink Aid and the Green Aid are full of nutrients including electrolytes, essential vitamins  and minerals to help keep your body operating at top performance! Pour a fresh batch in your water bottle for on-the-go energy, hydration and enhanced function in your day to day routine. They are specially formulated to be a high alkaline food which balances the body's pH levels and reduces acidity in the blood.
Click on the individual Aid of your choice to learn more research.

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